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Unlock Your Imagination.


Keystone Building was born from a deep passion for building and creating. 

Along the way, we’ve garnered tons of support for like-minded people, and what started as a small team with two people has rapidly grown. And while we hope to flourish even more in the future, we will always keep in mind our values: quality, affordability, teamwork and complete client satisfaction. 

Behind every good network is a great team of builders. Let us be yours.


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We‘re ecstatic to announce an official network collaboration between Keystone Building & BOXWOLFSTUDIOS, a talented server development team.


BOXWOLFSTUDIOS has greatly contributed to the growth of Keystone, and we’re proud to announce that Keystone Building will be developing the first stage of Relief Realms, a MMORPG server designed for survival RPG enthusiasts seeking immersive Minecraft gameplay.


Learn more at





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Hello, there is many builders out there in the Minecraft universe, but not many are talented and professional as Jorge's Build team. They go above and beyond to ensure they delivered a product others cant match.


For a new build team they carry themselves as a build team that has been establish for so long with high amounts of experience and this is possible thanks to Jorge's and his partners work ethics and standards. Viera was in charge of my build, he and his helpers (Lion) created an amazing town with it's own architecture theme, atmosphere, trees, points of interest and more!


The detailed to the town it self is amazing and more amazing is the jaw dropping interiors making each interior unique and better than the last. I highly recommend hiring Jeorge and his team to get any build done and completed on a timely manner. We look forward to continue working with Keystone Building on the reaming development of our MMORPG server.

-Congress_, Owner of Relief Realms

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